Sunday, May 25, 2008

An Excuse

Sorry everyone, we have been entertaining the masses (Lindsay's family) out here in the big bad city. As per our yearly tradition, they will be here for the next two weeks--and we will probably not be blogging. But then, the second week of June, summer blogging fun will ensue! Stay cool, and we'll talk to you soon...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Good and the Bad.

I feel that when I sit down to blog I only want to blog about how sweet my life is and how I'm real lucky and you all should sit at your houses and read about my way cool life then post a comment agreeing with me. That's what I feel when I sit down to blog. But this past post, with Lindsay's super funny 'I'm not Funny' picture has made me think perhaps this time I will post some of our less pretty pictures so you can see what really goes on on Garden Street.

So, I'll tell you, I went through, like, 300 pictures and I have WAY more bad pictures than my wife! And even some of these that I found are like, 'Oh she has a pig nose on...but for a pig, not that bad.'

So, I guess you and I are all thinking the same thing... Lindsay knows how to use the digital camera better then me.

Or does she?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

So there's my wife.

Lindsay doesn't think she's funny. But she is. She thinks I'm the funny one. I am. But what she doesn't know about funny people is that they really only respect other funny people. I could never have married a non-funny person (we call you "Normals"). Lindsay has this way of tricking people into thinking that she is all business. My newest sister in law Mallory (who won the Letter Mug) said after spending the week with us in New York: 'I always knew that it takes a certain kind of woman to love a Livingston man, and now I've seen that Lindsay is that kind of woman.'

She's funny. I think it gets buried under her wealth of other qualities, but there, nestled under brilliant and stunning, is funny. And funny has the ability to push down brilliant and stunning and rise to the top! Never is this more obvious then when she does...' The Dance.' She has 'The Dance' in her quiver and she knows when to use it. I'm sorry to say that usually 'The Dance' is preformed while barely clothed--but it has the ability to transcend even the thickest of coverings. I could not begin to describe 'The Dance' anymore than one could explain chartreuse to a blind man. But know this: whatever misconceptions you may have about Lindsay's grace and urbanity she can , at any time, shed the confines of dignity and crack her limbs into paper-piercing angles and flap the unsuspecting extremities with the conviction and determination of a drowning ferret.

This is not to say that she can't dance. We've gone dancing more than once and she glides across a ballroom (cultural hall) with the greatest of ease. No, if she just couldn't dance then it would not be funny--far from it...far, far from it. But the fact is, she knows she has it and that it's to her contrary and she uses her talent for the amusement of others.

I fear I've painted a picture of Lindsay dressed only in seven veils, dancing for me while I clap like a child, but more accurately, I see myself as the ghost of Christmas past, Fat and Jolly atop of pile of fruit and turkey legs , braying loudly as my favorite mute wood nymph tells the story of her family's journey through the tempest of electro-shock therapy. That, I feel, is a more accurate, if not specific, picture.

I really could go on and on about jokes made impeccably, or wit displayed with perfect awareness of human nuance. But why should I have all the fun? You all know her well and nothing picks up a drooping spirit like a gathering of friends commenting on the many times you've made others smile. So, without putting too much though into it, recount a funny moment you and Lindsay have shared. I would love to hear them and she could use the reminder 'lest she hangs up her dancing shoes for good.


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Up Up and Away!

So there really isn't a great reason to have taken so long between posts...but for this one, I have been promoted. Yup, I have been working my guts out and for good reason: about 2 weeks ago the powers that be offered me a promotion to be the Department Manager in Home at the SoHo Store. It was good and I was happy. They also informed me that I was on track to be the next Assistant Store Manager (which is like 2nd in command of the store, the position I held with Pier 1 for years). Then came the day when I was called into the boss' office to be officially offered the new position and she informed me that "Things have changed..." (that's what they say before they fire you for wearing sneakers) "and we would like to offer you the Assistant Store Manager Position at the SoHo store. " It came with a sweet raise and the chance to work with a great new manager to make a change in this awesome store in a cool part of the city. It's really swanky and posh so I should fit right in. I am, however, sad to leave Rock Center for two reasons: One, I really love the people there. Two, I helped Amy Pohler get a dressing room, find a pair of pants (size 6, but she's prego so lay off), and I made her laugh when she said, "Thank you" and I said, "That's what I do." And she laughed and I farted inside.

Anyway, so that's my news and I'm sorry it's not clever or well-pictured but it's what I got.
So I will be better in the future, but in the meantime you should read Lindsay's LA post again--it was beautiful.