Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunday Soup

Lindsay has this book and every time she dips into it is satisfies, if not amazes. Summer is loosing it's battle with fall and there is an breath of sweaters in the air. Yesterday, I took my scooter out, just for a ride, in a cardigan, and I done near froze myself to death. The sun was out and I found myself hoping for red lights so I could stop and bask, like a lizard, and fill up my solar panels before skimming again into the cold air. I should be reading 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' but I am in the middle of 'A Handmaids Tale' and am glad. I never used to reread books, the idea that I was missing out on something new to do whats been done, but even though it's not season specific, it feels like the right book for right now. Maybe it's just the crisp back to school air that tells you, 'read something'.

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