Friday, September 10, 2010

August gone. And with it Summer.

So here's the deal. We left NYC/Jersey and now live in Utah.

Lots of reasons: Daisy.

Lindsay has this moment where she has nothing to do but raise our daughter and write a 300 page book....which she can do from any where, so she's doing it from Utah. Daisy can be closer to her grandma's (not too close, we are living in Salt Lake...well, right now we are living in my mothers basement...again...which is wonderful and we are so lucky to have a place to absolutely CRASH which is an apt phrase when used here.)

So we took 13 days and drove our baby girl across America. It was beautiful, terrifying, wonder filled, and worthy of our pride. We took 600 pictures but all of our wires and stuff for putting pictures on blogs are in some box in my parents garage. It's worthy of a whole post anyway. This is just a little post to tell you where we are and that we made it safe and sound.

That's all.

Well, also I bought a scooter.

That's all.

A sweet little silver guy with brown leather seats.

Really all.



Lindsay wrecked it during the test drive. That's all.


Sharlynn said...

How exciting for you guys. Good luck on the paper/book that needs to be written and I am sure grandparents are happy to be near Dasiy!

Britt said...

oh--that cross country drive. we did it when juliette was daisy's age. and then we did it a few more times after that!!! so glad you guys are in utah. perhaps i will see you again someday :)

Mandy and Jason said...

Congratulations on making across the country with a 6 month old. I hope you got to see some great stuff on the way across the country.

Christina said...

What? You moved? The east coast mourns . . . . Glad you made it safely. Glad you can follow your heart.

Christie Gardiner said...

YAY!!! Playdates are definitely in the cards!

Mary Ann (Crockett) Ahlstrom said...

So jealous of all the utahns that get to see more of you, your lovely wife, and precious daughter now. I hope the transition is going well. Bravo for taking such a road trip with Daisy too. Traveling with an infant can be a bit sketchy at times.