Friday, April 24, 2009

A Poem.

My good friend, and manager at work, is leaving. I really have loved working with her and on her last meeting in the store I gave her this poem I wrote. I like it; however, it turned out a little gayer than I had set out for. But, it is sincere.

A Leaving Poem.

And so you click your heels
and set off back home,

but just for a bit.

Then to Maine,

and not Kansas.

And we are left,
those you picked up along
the way.

But what do we do? Those left.

You brought us together:
These lions.
These poppies.

What do we do with the space

where our courage should be?
where our brains should be?
our hearts?

So take your shoes

and leave us




We are the changed
for the better;
but in color.

As you say goodbyes, one by one,
whereever your next tornado takes you,

I will miss you most of all.