Saturday, February 06, 2010

Waiting for Daisy

So. We may have stepped over the line of crazy in our waiting. It's been a week, and the rush of utter excitement has given over to the paralyzing fear attached to adoption, to the euphoria of commerce, to fury over shipping companies, to the numb of the under prepared, the sweet sense that we know her, to the rush of utter excitement... needless to say, I made her a bunny. {pictured above} the way...this is P... not L.

L is making all the bedding and has done a INCREDIBLE {I am not kidding} job. One of the best things about L is this: you know that little button in your head that goes off when you think about doing something you probably can't? Yeah, she doesn't have that. She does it in cooking, she does it in sewing, she does it in PhDs, she has no fear and truly believes, "What one person can do, another can do." I love that about her and it is proving, not only frugal in our current endeavor but adorable! {No, there are no pictures yet and won't be until we are all safe and home.}

Back to the bunny. I was off work and home alone and L's sewing stuff was everywhere all over the house {our friend said it looked like a beautiful sweatshop}. I was literally pacing the living room thinking about every thing that needs to happen and everything that can happen and every thing I do not want to happen. And I had a little feeling, 'Put your hands to work.' So, without much of a plan and with L's fearlessness, I started making Daisy a bunny. She {the bunny} took a few hours, and right when she was done L came home and I had someone to talk to...eliminating the need to make more bunnies.