Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We're live on the adoption site! So now, anyone can choose us... and thus the waiting begins. Go check out our profile, and, please, spread the word that we're on the prowl for a little one! I mean, c'mon, don't you think this picture is missing a little something (other than Scout)?

Our profile: Patrick and Lindsay

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A little something to watch.

So, I haven't posted in a long while and I'm not really posting today but I watched this and thought of you.


Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day

So, overnight we were hit by what the tv weatherman is calling a "classic nor'easter," and it is in the process of dumping around a foot of snow on us. In March! I mean, really, I was just getting ready to write a post about spring, and the loveliness of winter finally being over. Ah well. Our friend Shiaffu says there's always two days of snow in March around here, and then it turns to spring, so let's hope yesterday and today count as the two days.

In happier news, I have the day off because of the snow! Yipee! I love unexpected days off. My regular days off are filled with the scheduled flotsam and jetsam of my existence: exam prep, laundry, grading papers, doing the dishes. Unexpected days off seem full of such promise and the possibility I'll have some time to do something I wouldn't have otherwise (like blog!). So, as I sit here listening to the symphony of hisses, tweets, and knocks emanating from our radiators, I wish you all a happy March 2nd: may yours be pleasantly unexpected as well!

{Photo from Flickr}