Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nothing but Thyme.

A few days ago, let's see...I guess, more than a week ago, we planted our two window boxes with herbs. It's a whole thing, one box has 'thirsty' plants, one has 'drier' plants. So anyway, today Daisy Lu and I were kicking it, you know waiting for the laundry and deciding we were not the kind of people who watched 'The View', and I noticed some growth. So I took some pictures of our dirt.

The only one coming in is the thyme. But it's only been a week.

I'm blogging today, because I have been on leave for almost six weeks and Monday I have to go back to work. I do love my job but it's hard to hold a candle to spending my days like this:

But what are you gonna do? I will still have evenings like that...and some mornings...and every Sunday, but it's not enough. I have loved being this kind of Dad, and maybe all dads want to be this kind of dad but someone has to get out there and pay for the ponies. Which, for now, will be me. Luckily Sweet D will be not be alone.

I know, right?! They make quite a pretty pair.

And then there is Scout: Yesterday, L came into the bedroom and found Scout like this:

Take a good look.

She snapped that picture and, taking any chance to pose, he shifted to a more flattering position:

So L said, "Ok, good. Now give me contemplative."


Friday, March 26, 2010

So, it's been a month...

You know those people who are interesting and witty and blog about themselves and you know it's a bit pompous, but they live far away and maybe they will post a picture or two and you'll be able to see what kind of hair they have now, so you pop in and read the blog every now and then and you see that they are going to have a baby and you think to yourself, 'Well there goes that blog turning into another, 'Look how cute our baby is, she kinda smiled and because we never stop taking pictures of her we caught her smile, which may have just been gas but now it's a perfect smile, 'cause our baby is so happy and we are so happy and everyone is so gosh dern happy that we have to blog about it to our friends and family' blog, which is the only thing worse than a self-indulgent blog in the first place but you wonder if these people, who had previously blogged about how really cool their life without kids was would fall in the the trap of kid blogging so cheezy and overdone that they pull their brother-in-law's curtains off the wall and do glamour shots with the week-old baby, who never asked for such a thing and certainly never asked to have such pictures flung on to the internet for her future employer is pull up and think, 'Well, she does have great qualifications, but there is that naked picture of her in the bath running around the web' and give the job to some guy named Stan, whose parents were strong and moral people who did not believe in exploiting their son's innate good looks from birth on, or, if they did, they showed the courage and character not to give in to such impulses which is why, because of this post, we have a president of the United States named Stan in the year 2053.

Sorry, Daisy.

a couple of friends.

coming home on the plane.

the naked election loosing picture.

I know.... but what?!